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19 Juli 2014
Understanding HD & Megapixel Cameras
The fastest growing segment of the security video market is the network or IP camera. And the fastest growing IP camera technologies are HD and megapixel. Therefore, it is important to understand the difference between standard definition (SD), high definition (HD), and megapixel cameras. detail

5 Juni 2014
Planning and Design IP Surveillance
Planning and Design This chapter introduces the concepts of why an enterprise network should consider migrating from a standalone analog network to a converged IP network supporting voice, video, and data. The following topics are addressed: •Introduction to the concepts of video resolutions, codecs, aspect ratios, frame rates and requirements for camera placement to achieve the required number of pixels per-foot to provide sufficient video quality to meet the needs of the physical security manager. •Network deployment models and the IP transports used by IP video surveillance cameras. •The network requirements, video traffic flows between endpoints, bandwidth requirements are discussed. •A design checklist to help the physical security and network manager achieve the goal of integrating IP video surveillance on the IP network. •A case study for implementing IP video surveillance on a campus deployment. detail

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arrow product LSN 0300 A | LSN bus module, 300mA

LSN 0300 A | LSN bus module, 300mA
Price Rp 6.586.600
  • LSN improved Module 300 mA

  • Type : LSN 0300 A

  • Merk : BOSCH


arrow product LSN 1500 A | LSN bus module, 1500mA

LSN 1500 A | LSN bus module, 1500mA
Price Rp 15.667.000
  • LSN improved Module 1500 mA

  • Type : LSN 1500 A

  • Merk : BOSCH